Reproduction of Male organs

Besides unravelling the basic mechanisms underlying male reproductive functions, studies of testicular function are clinically important for the speciality called androgyny. Andrology covers all physiological and pathological functions specific for the male gender, ranging from conception until senescence. The main challenges of clinical andrology entail improvement of diagnostics and treatment of male infertility, development of male-specific methods of fertility control, combating sexually transmitted diseases, and improving quality of life of ageing males. Better basic understanding of male reproductive endocrinology is essential for improving our chances to tackle these challenges. For the same reason, the main emphasis of this review will be in testicular function.

Reproductive system: before the Infertility is raised as the subject of the cause, as the male reproductive organs consists of Testes it produces the Sperm in the testis’s a prime organ of fertility Secretion of sex hormones like steroids and Androgen glands ducts and the External gentile.
Sexual behaviour: the prime sexual behaviour plays a vital role it develops the function of the reproductive organs and many other tissues to Sperm plays a vital role ejaculatory secretions passes through the Accessory gland seminal vesicles.

Scrotum behaviour: sac of skin its control the temperature which is necessary for the Sperm production it protects the glands.
The features of the testes are controlled by way of the Gonadotrophins which travel via the bloodstream to the testes.
LH acts on specialised cells within the testes and stimulates release of the male intercourse hormone, testosterone. FSH acts on a separate populace of cells within the testes to stimulate the production of sperm.

Sperm-fertility: it total depends upon the quality of a Sperm a healthy sperm only can able to fertile A every time sperm awareness is taken into consideration Head Mid piece and Tail a healthy sperm count is 120-350 ccm million it counts  . Fertilisation becomes much less possibly because the sperm awareness falls progressively beneath this level.

Sexual function: Testosterone is an essential male hormone and is needed for the regular hobby in sexual interest (libido) and enables erections to take place.

 Male Sexual Response: physical responses are Masturbation body responds heavily breathing muscle interactions, Enlarging and stiffing of the Penis testicles are withdrawn to Scrotum Organism plays the last climax role. 

Other effects: Hypothyroidism affects extra than sexual feature and reproduction, critical as these are. Other effects can include lack of strength, melancholy, loss of frame and facial hair, muscular weakness and, in the lengthy-term, Osteoporosis (the thinning of the bones). In a few guys a loss of testosterone also can motive Gynaecomastia (increased breast tissue). some of the Fertility lines if something is missing in your partner Sexuality quality please do not hesitate to consult a doctor for more please visit us:

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