IUI Treatment Cost In Hyderabad

The search starts once we are married…, everyone will be waiting for the pregnancy News. There raise a lot of questions with in the family and Realatives.situations will demand us to check our health and questions with in us Are We Healthy!!! Are we fertile couples!!!
Some of the tips to check your Infertility problems.
After the intercourse if couple are not conceiving it refers to there is some point of defects that need to check with the Medical Experts.
  1. Irregular periods
  2. Obesity
  3. Damage of ovaries.
After the regular check-ups, we can detect where is the Problem either it is in the women. Or with the Male.
Here is an information about IUI treatment. The success rates also high in IUI treatments women get pregnant within one cycle itself. Depending on them.
Success rates mainly depends upon the:
  1. Age factors
  2. Fallopian tubes functioning
  3. Sperm Count
Success rates are high in younger generation, Age effects treatment receiving is high at different levels.
  1. At the age of 35: 10-20 %
  2. inbewteen 35-40: 10 %
  3. from 40 and above: only 2-5%
Most of the people they start their first treatment through IUI only, in many cases at the first attempt only they get conceived. IUI treatments is a cycle of 5-6 times some get through 3-5 stage only.
Drug used in IUI are:
Some of the medicine used in IUI treatments are Clomid, Femara this are injectable this are hormone stimulated medications. After using this you fail to get conceived than there is some change of methods to adopt.
IUI Process: Sperm will have detected first; the fast-moving sperm will have separated and from the low count one. The good one is injected to the women womb at the time of ovulation.
Sperm washing: As we said the low count sperm is separated from each other. This are washed all the toxins are removed the impurities are washed away in some there is a chance of allegoric to this and end up of hinder pregnancy.
IUI cost affordable: Intrauterine insemination are choosing by many couples in early stage of Infertility because of the success rate and cost.
The expert will advise you how many IUI cycle you need to undergo.
The cost of IUI (H) – Closely 7,000.
And cost of IUI (D) -Closely 8,000.
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