Why Sperms Plays a Major Role to become Pregnant ?

Do you know Sperms plays a major role to become pregnant!!!!

The Sperm

Sperm are measured in its Mobility, shapes, number of sperm.
Sperm is measured always by its activeness; semen analysis is also called as Sperm count. Its tested through a process called Semen Analysis.

Why Semen Analysis?

Its most recommend process when couples face problems to bear a child. Analysis will help to detected the the process. Analyses of Sperm is most important task, doctors refer 2,-3  kinds of test in with in a weeks of time. Hence to suggest the reason behind infertility, doctors recommend vasectomy analysis in order to make sure no sperm is their in the semen. This test is recommended once a month for three months.

Some of the steps:
  1. After Vasectomy avoid sexual ejaculation for three days.
  1. Avoid harmful drugs.
  1. Avoid taking alcohol and caffeine.
  1. Generally, Semen are kept at room temperature. And they are test with in a hour.
  1. Sometimes factors differ negatively, because of stress in taking the Tests.
  1. Unhealthy or contamination of test samples.
  1. Lack of experience with lab technician.
Semen results are Normal:
  1. This points are consider by doctors
  1.  Excess taking tobacco.
  1. Uses of herbs or intake of drugs.
  1. Caffeine and Alcohol also leaves a bad remake.
Abnormal Sperm results:

2.in some hormonal imbalance.
3.Gene defects and infection.

Normal Sperms results:
 1.Movement sperms are measured in movements on the scale 0-4.
0 means not a performer, 3-4 is considered as good in fertilization movement.

2.Shape of Sperm: Heads or Tail
50% of sperms are normally shaped, if the midsection are missing its consider to be immature egg.

3.Sperm count: normally count is between 20 million -200 million, if this this are low,they consider as low sperm density count.

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